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4 beards out of 5
Love the smell. I am so sick of all the "wood and smokie" smells. If you guys want 5/5 I like my oil to be a bit thicker. Otherwise its perfect. Keep it strong brothers. ❤️ #muchloveandrespect
I’d like to say as someone who has used numerous beard products and never found any to be decent on discovering Sugarbeard I can safely say I will use no other product on my treasured beard. From great smelling to superior hold and guaranteed care your products are all round awesome. Thank you guys
5 out of 5 stars for sure! Superb scents, performance and packaging. The balms are unlike any other- the thick consistency keeps the beard shaped throughout the whole day...not to mention keeps it smelling amazing! Candyfloos is where’s it at, but there’s a scent >